Lightweight and easy to use
an ergonomic that make everything easier

Ewincher was designed on the model of the standard handle and has all its advantages, so you can keep all your user reflexes!

Ewincher weighs only 2.2 kg. Resulting from extensive research on ergonomics, the EWINCHER shape is similar to that of a standard handle. Everything has been designed to make it easy to hold and use on board, including its Palm grip.

Ewincher is 10 inches long (250 mm), the same length as a conventional handle.Thus, Ewincher adapts perfectly to your deck layout.As for storage, Ewincher comes with its own ergonomic holder, at hand in the cockpit.

EWINCHER dimensions versus standard crank


If you think that it would be difficult to fit your EWINCHER around the bimini area, do not worry, EWINCHER is also designed for this situation. Do not hesitate to contact us; we will explain how to use it easily in this situation.

Why is it easier to winch
with Ewincher than with a standard handle ?

manivelle de winch Ewincher

manivelle de winch Ewincher

To use Ewincher in electric mode

You engage and lock the handle on the winch.
You position Ewincher in the green sector. It's very easy because Ewincher is disengaged at rest.
You press the speed control button while holding the crank to compensate for the torque exerted by the motor.
You are then perfectly positioned, and Ewincher does all the work for you. You carry out your maneuver effortlessly while remaining in control.

Why is it so easy with Ewincher?

You know from experience, with a classic crank, it is easy to winch in the green sector of the image above.

On the other hand, when the efforts become significant, it quickly becomes difficult or even impossible (red sector of the photo above).

Classic winch handle

With Ewincher it’s VERY EASY. You position Ewincher in the green sector. All you have to do is hold the crank by putting your shoulders back (as in the photo above).

Your body is perfectly positioned and it is Ewincher who does the work.

Ewincher - The electric winch handle

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