Electrical safety

5 onboard devices ensure the electrical safety of the motor. A sixth can be added during installation.

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2 safety devices on the control boxes

Safety button

to prevent any unintentional start of the winch.

Continuous monitoring

of the coherence of information transmitted between the control units and the motor. Any anomaly results in the motor shutting down.

1 General Switch

If necessary, 1 second switch to add during installation.

Main switch

Power-on button located on the Lithium battery. Stops and starts the entire system.

Second switch

Not included, can easily be added to the Lithium battery power cable from the electrical panel and constitute an emergency stop.

2 Safety devices on the Lithium battery

BSM (Battery Safety Management)

Device which permanently monitors the proper functioning of Lithium batteries (temperature, charge, Voltage, etc.). Turns off the battery in the event of an anomaly.

Safety fuse

In the very unlikely event of BSM failure, a 50A fuse ensures system safety (battery current in normal operation is 45A).

A Brushless motor is much safer
than a traditional motor!

Traditional motor: it just needs to be connected to the power for it to start. Any mechanical anomaly of the switches or contactors may cause the motor to start immediately.

Brushless motor: to be able to function, it must be controlled by an electronic card which must constantly send it series of extremely precise orders. An anomaly in the electrical power supply does not allow these messages to be executed correctly, and therefore the engine to operate and the electric winch to start.

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